[Arirang Prime tv]Korea, China & Japan: The History for Unlocking the Future   2013-09-30 (월) 16:27
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 Date : 2013-08-28
Korea, China & Japan: The History for Unlocking the Future
Part 3: Korea-China-Japan Community, the Future Leader

Among the issues that are currently undermining peace in Northeast Asia, the one that needs to be solved most urgently is the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands, and Ieodo Island, to name just a few. The wars between Korea, China, and Japan over these islands have triggered the spread of nationalism, resulting in armed conflicts and the severance of cooperation channels, as shown by the cancellation of a summit meeting.

Building a Northeast Asian community that is free from enmity and conflicts and instead is rooted in cooperation and exchanges requires the establishment of a view of history that transcends borders and territories, as well as a shared vision for the mutual prosperity of the three nations. And various efforts to achieve these goals are currently underway. 

After covering the significance of the Korea-China-Japan FTA, which heralds the birth of the third global economic bloc, the documentary will look into successful collaborative efforts by the three nations in diverse fields and devise a solution that is needed to overcome today's territorial disputes and historical conflicts.

In addition, by covering the 5th International NGO Conference on History and Peace, which was held in Korea, the documentary hopes to convey the ideas of different history NGOs that think about the future of Northeast Asia. You will also get a chance to hear the opinions of global scholars present at the conference on the tasks that Korea, China, and Japan need to undertake to become the future leader together.


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